History of Robert A. Nowicki

Our founder, Robert A. Nowicki

Our founder, Robert A. Nowicki



A brief history and background of my father, Robert A. Nowicki's life

    Mr. Nowicki graduated from Lane Tech high school in June 1942- During his 4 years in high school he had R.O.T.C as part of his education. (Reserve Officers Training Command)

    In November of 1942, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and attended basic training in California. In 1943 he was sent to a school in North Carolina for 3 months for an accelerated "Master Gunnery" course. Here he learned all of the basics in Surveying, Mathematics (trigonometry and Algebra), celestial observation (the studies of the position of stars in the sky) and how they relate to True North, meteorology and various other subjects. This course gave him the ability to position anti-aircraft artillery for 16 artillery guns. These guns were used to bring down enemy airplanes in combat. They trained for approximately a year and a half in the deserts of New Mexico. When the U.S. Air-Force obtained air superiority in Europe, his entire Battalion was sent for infantry training and sent to the European Theater into combat on or about November of 1944. This ended his activities in the surveying field for the time being. He was Honorably Discharged from the Army on March 10, 1946 and attended junior college for one semester in the fall of 1946

    From February 1947 thru April of 1951 worked as an instrument man and party chief (head of field crew) in various locations and land surveying work. From October of 1953 to February of 1956, he worked essentially in a Land Surveying in the Development of the Village of Park Forest, Illinois and in the general area in various responsibilities of surveying. From March of 1956 to about May of 1966, he worked in the Village of South Holland, Illinois. He was the  manager of a Surveying and Engineering Company. He was responsible for all field crews and office personnel involved in major developments in approximately 10 villages in the South Suburban area of Cook County.  From May of 1966 to March 1970 his work involved some land surveying and the construction of custom homes. On March 1st, 1970 he made the decision to open his own land surveying business, working out of his home in South Holland.

    From Feb 1964 thru Feb 1966 he was the president of the Illinois registered land surveyors association. During the 10 year period between 1975 and 1985 he was appointed to the land surveyors examining board. He was a life member of the Illinois professional land surveyors association from February 14, 1986. He worked as a land surveyor for 55 years.