Land Surveying for the Layman 2


Now that you understand the importance of getting a land survey, you'll need to understand what kind of survey you need for your given situation. There are a multitude of different surveys we at Robert A. Nowicki & Associates carry out, but the one most commonly called for is a "Residential Boundary Survey". These are the most basic kind of survey we perform, and is usually presented when applying for a permit for construction or renovation.

A residential boundary survey is exactly what it sounds like: We determine the boundary of your property. This includes locating your house, fences, concrete walkways, and any other significant objects that won't be moving any time soon. We show all of these objects relative to your property line, so you can easilly reference their location. A boundary survey is usually required for things like construction permits, so it's essential you get one before starting any kind of significant project. Without a proper boundary survey, that new fence you put up could be an inch over your property line, and your neighbors will NOT be happy about that.

Anything beyond a standard residential boundary survey is usually a big deal. Hopefully our Services Page can give you a good idea of what you're getting into if you need to venture down that path. Realistically, if you're being required to get besides a residential boundary survey for a project, you probably know what you're doing in the first place.